Open Letter to the BBC’s Pumza Fihlani


Pumza Fihlani, journalist employed by the BBC

Dear Pumza

I’m writing this letter in English even though I know that you speak fluent Afrikaans, unlike many who will read this letter, including your employers at the BBC.

During your stay in Orania, you and your colleagues from the BBC, including Zimbabwean journalist Stanley Kwenda, regularly dined at my restaurant. You were served by white people – Afrikaners to be more precise. I myself even served you and assisted my staff in washing your dishes while you were sipping drinks like a lady of leisure on my veranda.

You enjoyed exactly the same level of service that all my patrons, regardless of race, would receive. Yet, in your article titled Inside South Africa’s whites-only town of Orania published on the BBC website on 6 October 2014, you say that “the spirit of apartheid lives on” in Orania.

Hang on, come again?!

I find this statement completely absurd seeing that back in the day blacks, like Stanley and yourself, weren’t even allowed to use the same entrances, buses, benches etc. than whites, let alone getting served alcohol and food by whites in white owned restaurants. In fact, had apartheid lived on in Orania as you claim it does, you wouldn’t even have been allowed to set foot in my restaurant as a client.

You wouldn’t  have been allowed to stay at the hotel you did, nor use the bathrooms you did for that matter. But according to what you wrote in your article, apartheid lives on in Orania. Bizarre.

You go on to say that you didn’t see any other black people in town. Did the Karoo sun blind you perhaps? We see and serve black and coloured people every day in Orania. They use our services and labour, exactly as you did.

Seeing that you clearly can’t be accused of being a guardian of the truth, I would like to share a simple truth with you. In the 4 years that I’ve lived in Orania I have never witnessed racial intolerance or violence, while in sharp contrast, I nearly grew accustomed to it in Gauteng – coming from both sides of the fence.

If you wanted to write an article on racism, you could’ve saved the BBC a lot of money by simply heading down to any of the hundreds of “black only” illegal shebeens littered across Joburg and asked the punters there what they think about the Afrikaners.

In your article you refer to both “Mr. Boshoff Sr.” and “Mr. Verwoerd”. Either you didn’t research these individuals or you deliberately refused to use their correct titles of Prof. and Dr. respectively.

Suffice to say that Prof. Boshoff, one of Orania’s founding fathers, was a missionary in Soweto during the heyday of apartheid and Dr. Verwoerd, the so called architect of apartheid, was the first white leader in Africa’s history to give black people fertile land of their own to govern as they deem fit, to build schools, universities and hospitals for black people and even invest millions (literally) of white tax payer money in black business and enterprise.

You say that Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) was introduced to encourage more black participation in business. It’s obvious that you’re trying to make BEE sound like a noble cause to your western audience, while in fact it is nothing more than a racist and biased scheme privileging a select few black “tenderpreneurs” and costing South Africa billions in loss in revenue since it has been introduced by the largely corrupt ANC government.

Listen, I’m an entrepreneur. I own many successful businesses that I started from scratch. I say that one doesn’t need to be empowered to participate in business, one must simply get an idea then go out and buy something for a rand and sell it for two. This in itself is encouragement enough.

No wonder why the vast majority of BEE and state run projects have failed so miserably or have become so totally corrupt and stripped of cash flow that the state, itself completely inept in running its own affairs, has to bail them out with tax payer money year after year.

Yet you criticize Dr. Verwoerd’s policies, which resulted in an average GDP growth rate of nearly 7%, while unemployment (black and white) was down to only 3%. Currently South Africa’s GDP growth rate stands at under 2% and unemployment stands at 25%. These are facts you simply cannot swindle your readers out of.

There’s no denying that you’re an intelligent woman. It just baffles me that you haven’t asked yourself how a nation can ever create sustained wealth and success if it relies on the state to constantly empower it by taking from a minority in the hope of the majority accomplishing something. The results are so poor because the racially defined socialist system by which South Africa is governed is all wrong.

The ANC has ruled South Africa for 20 years now. You state that South Africa is considered to be one of the most violent societies in the world, with one of the highest murder rates. This is factually correct. Also factually correct is that the ANC is democratically elected by your people, i.e. the black majority.

No wonder why Afrikaners like myself have become disillusioned with your country. Less than 1% of Afrikaners vote for the ANC. We’re a small minority that is entirely capable of running our own affairs, as demonstrated by the above-mentioned statistics of the Verwoerd-era and current growth in Orania. We clearly do not want, nor need your government to run our society.

It therefore comes as no surprise to me that more and more Afrikaners want out of your New South Africa and take up the call of Orania: our own land, our own labour and own rule. Don’t blame us for not wanting to dance with your nation, blame the system you so highly rate, you struggled for and obviously identify with. In the end, we’ll dance with whom we wish.

You and I discussed journalist integrity, objectivity and the media’s responsibility to uphold the truth. Your article is strewn with false information and subjective stereotyping, despite us having invited you in and making you part of our conversations. You joked and laughed with us, the whole time being fully aware of your intention to brand us according to your fallacious image of the Afrikaner.

The Afrikaner renaissance is just getting started from its core in Orania. It is based on principles of order, creativity, intellect, merit and productivity – those traditional western values that we in Orania uphold and out of which the modern free market economy and fundamental liberty was born. Had these concepts not been foreign to you, as they seem to be to so many of your fellow South Africans, you would’ve recognised them in Orania as they are in plain sight for all to see. Your article is proof that you are simply trained to think in terms of black and white – nothing more, nothing less.

Don’t expect my hospitality ever again. You being black has nothing to do with it, rather the fact that you are a sensationalist journalist that gets a kick out of spreading your misrepresented and flawed views to the world from your wee little desk at the BBC. The shame, it seems, is on you.


Quintin Diederichs

Ps. Note the correct spelling of the above.

35 gedagtes oor “Open Letter to the BBC’s Pumza Fihlani

  1. Hannes Coetzee

    Dit gaan nie oor wat die werklikheid is nie, die BBC saai enige snert uit wat hulle kan verdraai om sensasioneel te wees. Boere/Blankes word hier beskou as die eeuwel, ongeag die feit dat ons minder rasisties is as die mense hier in Engeland. Hulle “political correctness” in die BBC is absoluut net om aan die wêreld te wys hulle is nie rassisties nie ongeag die feit dat rassisme eintlik van die anderkant kom, soos sy hier demonstreer. As sy werklike apartheid wil ondervind kan sy na Israel gaan (erg)
    Intelligence is like a high tech. car, it will only go where you steer it, obviously her steering is faulty.
    Speaking languages does not make her intelligent, I never finished school (did only at the age of 37) but can speak minimum 5 languages and understand at least 2 more, never thought of myself as intelligent, just normal.
    I am going to submit a letter of complaint to the BBC about her lies, also to Nigel Farrage and David Camaron, not that the latter wil do anything about it, not to mention the anti-Boer party called the Labour party., but worth a try.

  2. Willi

    Die BBC se bek was ook groot in die apartheid’s dae, ek weet van joernaliste wat swartes afgeneem het wat in hul middag breek gele en slaap het en dan verkondig is blankes wat hulle doodgeskiet het.
    Maar die Britte se moeilikheid hang soos ‘n donker wolk, met al die muslims wat nou al hoe meer regte wil afdwing, laat hulle vir hulle kry want ‘n brit is oor die algemeen vrek lui dis hoekom ons wit kinders so lekker geld verdien daar.

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  6. rienie swart

    Ek dink julle swartes is die grootste rassiste wat hierdie wereld nog ooit opgeler het. I think blacks are the biggest. Racists this world has ever conceived. They are hard core racists. Filled with hate and the most selfcentred beings on planet earth. They are always in need, always in want, always want more!! Enough will never be enough! If they can’t get it they will strike, through their toys, kill, destroy and force themselves onto this world. I have lived long enough, observed long enough to sday is, beyond a shadow of a dfoubt. Look at Africa! Look! Overpopulated!!!! Demanding food, care and sympathy from the world!!! And by portraying the whites especially the. Afrikaners as cruel racisdt is just a damn hiding place! May God send his hornets to chase you all out of your hiding places in Jesus Christ name!

    1. Riaan

      Askies nie voortrekker tyd nie. Die boek met die fotos in is beskikbaar by CNA. Dit was tydens ñ oorlog. Nie heentemal seker Watse oorlog nie. Maar nogsteeds. Ons was gelukkig.

  7. Pumza, you know me well, I’ve often been on BBC and world media. I want to dare you to a TV debate….. I especially want to thank the boers that built the most modern state in Africa, which you and the ANC are totally destroying. I bring honour to Dr. Werwoed and all his men that built the most modern hospitals in Africa. You listen to me girl, this land is facing the stoming of the Bastille, thanks to abject povery!!! You know I’m a farmer and have won many accolades and prizes for my farming. We are “Gatvol” for your ineptitude. Oranje is an example to the rest of Africa of how a country should be run .Quintin Diederichs I Salute You!

  8. Willi

    Ek sien daar is ‘n “korreksie” gemaak op die die BBC se website:

    Correction: We have removed from this report a suggestion that black people do not go to Orania, although none actually lives there. Amendments have also been made to clarify the town’s ownership and some issues regarding the identity of contributors.

  9. Die vraag is dus net: Wat is glo-baar in enige van die BBC se nuusberigte? Wat was al ooit daarin geloofbaar?

    Was onbevange beriggewing ooit ter sprake by die BBC of by enige ander mondstuk van enige ander kolonis of magshonger imperialis?

    Hier kry ons, eerstehands, ‘n voorbeeld van verdraaiing. Hoe ernstig moet ek dan enige ander van hul berigte oor enige ander situasie, waar ookal in die wêreld, opneem?

    Hoe ernstig moet ek dan hul verdraaide weergawe van die Ou Suid-Afrika bejeën?

    Hoe ernstig moet ek die Britte se eie ‘versagte’ weergawes van hul eie legio vergrype oor die eeue wêreldwyd opneem?

    Jou artikel is goed bewoord, Quintin!

  10. Derek

    Get your act together South Africa and the BBC for allowing unchecked information to be spread like it was a propaganda service for liberals (which it is) and for those who perpetrate Apartheid these days, who used to be the target of such evil. Apartheid is alive and not so well and has a new master (of another colour) shame on you. This is nothing new to the BBC mind you – I have watched their drivel on occasion when playing football in England. Evil will be destroyed soon and especially those who profit from it’s deployment – the King of Kings is coming get yourself right with Him and be ready!

  11. ian de nysschen

    “There’s no denying that you’re an intelligent woman”. Ek dink sy is dikvellig onnosel en het nie jou kompliment nodig nie.

  12. Edward Pauw


    As I read your comment, the other comments, and Pumza’s article, what I see time and again is that we fail to address liberals’, humanists’, etc. presumptions behind their worldview. As I read your website and Orania’s, I take it that you have a Judeo-Christian worldview. That worldview is very different from the prominent worldview as expressed by many liberals in the media today. (As an aside, our worldview is the worldview that actually brings freedom and many other blessings, and we need to be able to defend it and its presumptions.) For example, she talked about “fear” and that Orania was an “erie place.” Obviously, I don’t know what you two talked about. But when I talk to liberals, their biases are embedded in what they say, and they are easy to detect if a person is listening for them. (I am an attorney, so it is part of my craft to listen for presumptions.) Those presumptions must be flushed out and challenged. They must defend their presumptions.

    We need to realize that they have a very different worldview. The movie, Orania, by Tobias Lindner, is a good example. It was fair. But did you also watch the version with his commentary? He and his friend clearly had a humanist worldview which is radically from our worldview. Again, granted, he was fair, but he had a definite bias against not only Orania but our worldview. In subtle ways, that bias showed up in the movie, even though on balance, he was fair. My point is not that we should talk to or write Tobias. I am merely pointing out that we need to be able to spot the worldview and challenge the presumptions (in the right way and right time and politely but firmly.)

  13. Jan

    Moet net nie dat die soort amateuragtige offensief ons spoed breek nie want dis soooo deursigtig fals .

    Dr Dan Roodt van PRAAG het omtrent presies dieselfde met Afriforum oorgekom op grond van ‘n ou gedokterde video van 4 jaar gelede.

    Wat is Afriforum se storie? Hulle wil kwansuis na die VN oor die rassistiese volksmoord op die wittes.

    Agriforum se Moller het skynbaar hul SMS petisie-steun teen swart rassistiese plaasmoorde gebruik om grondbesetting te probeer wettig. – of so-iets.

    Hoekom is VF+ so stil hieroor?

    Maar dis alles tekens en gevolge van ons suksesvolle selfbeskikking

  14. Pumba

    You may be very civil and articulate but your white Afrikaner private company town repugnant to the core.

    You refer to equally repugnant Bantustans being a good concept dreamt up by Dr Verwoerd and co.

    Racism in any form can’t be justified inclusivity is the way to go. If it’s language preservation that’s a driving force you need to include your black neighbours of the Northern Cape. For your children’s sake be inclusive. Don’t be afraid of assimilation it’s good for the gene pool.

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  17. David

    Protests across SA against the violent murder of White farmers, but Pumza criticizes the protesters as “racist.” What about those committing the violent murders?

  18. People from Orania and those believing in it are doomed. There is no future in that philosophy. Wait until ANC implements the land repossession policy.

    While the world is embracing globalization, you are going the opposite direction? How cool is that?

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